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Little Feet Forest School is outside 100% of the year, rain or shine, inspired by Waldkindergartens and forest schools of Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. We borrow pedagogical approaches from Montessori and Waldorf education that allow each child to thrive by becoming the guide to their own learning.

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Explorers spend time creating connections with their community's natural environment. Through regular play in our local forests, explorers use the surrounding environment as a catalyst to their learning. This connection promotes a reciprocal relationship between children and the natural world while inspiring future environmental stewards.


Independence and resilience are created through trusting and supporting children to explore. The outdoors provide support for children to handle stress and risk in a naturally soothing environment. This cultivates abilities in risk-taking, stress management, and problem-solving skills.


Physical, social, and cognitive abilities are developed at an age-appropriate level in an encouraging environment. Explorers work together to create, solve, and propose new and exciting situations as they arise in real-time in the natural environment.

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